You are a Ladder – Admit It

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There are times when you are the only ray of hope in someone’s life, and there are times when you don’t even matter to the same person at all. Times when the day couldn’t pass by without talking to you, and then there are times where they don’t have time in the entire day to talk to you. I believe we have all been through something like this at some point in time in our lives and so I decided to write about my reflection on the matter. You are a ladder.

Either intentionally or unintentionally – you get attached to people. Especially if they are in trouble. Moving towards a phase of life where everything seems dark and gloomy, or when they need someone like you to take them out of the mess that they are in. In such a situation, every part of your body wants to help them get out of that phase of life. You want them to be happy again. To be able to feel. For this, you try to give it everything you got and alas! things get back to normal again. To your surprise, they start getting back on track, and in this process while they are getting back to what they used to be like; the care and love that you might have provided them starts feeling a bit too much. You feel confused. A bit angry and start doing things to get their attention. But it fails drastically and they move further away. Then comes a point when you enter that phase of life yourself and walk down a dark and gloomy path, expecting the same person to come to your aid like you did when they were in trouble. But they don’t show up.

You were a ladder in all this. An emotional ladder that is. The one people use to “get over” their own dark feelings. And after when the job is done, their is no more need of having you around. This is probably what you are left with thinking at the end. But now look at this from another perspective, if you were expecting them to do good with you too just because you did good to them, then its a business transaction and not something out of genuine care. For you, they were also an emotional ladder but instead of taking you up, they took you a level down. Sometime later, you find someone who wants to take you out of the mess that you are in. And that is the circle of life.

So cheer up! Its okay! People have been using each other since a very long time now. Just because you helped someone doesn’t mean that they’ll help you too when you need it. If they do then its good but if they don’t then that is not the end of the world. Learn to be self-sufficient. Learn to solve your problems on your own so that you can become a ladder that takes the world a level up.

Thank You.

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