WikiLeaks and CIA Hacking Tools for Tech Companies

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Customer data security is the biggest argument of recent times and the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange is now claiming to provide tech companies in Silicon Valley with certain hacking tools used by the CIA to patch a series of security flaws in their softwares.

If this offer does actually materialize, it will change the way companies look at privacy concerns and will surely increase the level of security involved. There are a number of flaws identified in the WikiLeaks document such as the weeping angel program which can take over your Samsung Smart TV and record on-going conversations when in-fact to the user it will seem as if the TV is off. Here is the link to the Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed for further details –

Things like these make you think how safe you are with your increasing dependence on technology. At any given moment, your privacy is at risk.

Think twice before making everything digital.

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