Weirdest Indian Songs Countdown!

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Today we are going to do a countdown. A countdown of the weirdest Indian songs ever!

Number 5 – Amplifier

So there was this guy who probably really loved cars and probably even worked for a workshop earlier too. Whatever the reason was, he just had to bring everything about the car in this song. Who are we talking about? Imran Khan’s Amplifier. The guy who called his girl his woofer and he was her amplifier. Yes I know its weird. But still it was quite catchy and better than the rest of the Indian songs in this list. Her it is!

Number 4 – Tooh

White, white, round round, Punjabi, Drunkard and a lot of related categories were involved in the lyrics of this song which made absolutely no sense at all whatsoever.

Number 3 – Chiggy Wiggy

There is a desi woman who looks foreign and is wearing a skirt and really wants to “Chiggy Wiggy” with you. What does that even mean? Is Chiggy Wiggy going to replace *The Birds and Bees* parental discussion?

Number 2 – Ispider Man

Yes you read that right. Is-Spider-Man? That is a very brilliant question that one might ask after looking at this video. Enjoy!

Number 1 – Its My Life What Ever I Wanna Do

Topping the list is the song which has more than 9.1 Million views on YouTube. Maybe this is because they couldn’t believe there was something this bad that could ever exist in the world and just had to check it out on their own (Like Us). Here it is. P.S. Keep your volume low or people WILL start judging you.

If you are a music fan – We are really sorry that we had to torment you like this. 🙁

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