Want to Become a Real-Life Spy?

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If you are a fan of James Bond movies and love being a spy then The Truth Spy┬ácan definitely up your game. First thing is first – THIS IS NOT A FREE TOOL. So apologies for that. Let’s look at what this tool offers:


As a standard feature you can record all the calls that either come in or are made through the phone and are automatically updated to your account on the web. In addition to this you can also record the calls from certain contact numbers too. Cool no? Could be best for handling clients/bosses who usually forget they have said earlier.

Secret Conversations

Have you ever wondered what someone might be talking about when you exit the room and go to the next room for a while? Well, luckily this tool let’s you place a secret call to your phone which then uses your microphone to record all the conversations in the surrounding of the mobile device? Creepy? Yes we know. Useful? Yeah for overly-attached girlfriends ­čśŤ

App Spying

Now this one can be particularly good for parents. As parents you are probably worried about the kind of conversations your underage children are having and would want to be more in control. For this, you can now record the conversations and media sharing from the apps being used by a mobile device for e.g. Snapchat conversations. Yes, your children will hate you if they ever find it out, but then again, what are you willing to do for their security?

Photos and Videos Captured

This particular app lets you monitor all the new pictures and videos that are taken by that particular mobile device so that you can keep an eye on all the new media entries that are made.

So there you have it. If you really want to start your career as a spy, then probably start off with this service. Oh it does have a free trial account though.

Best of luck!

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