Veena Malik’s Divorce Case

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What has suddenly started going viral on Social Media is the divorce case of Veena Malik. A series of social media enthusiasts, news channels both local and foreign (Even Khaleej Times) has started talking about this event that took place earlier.

Here is what made headlines at Express Tribune:


In addition to the above, they also showed recent tweets by Asad. This is what Khaleej Times was also banking on:


A third angle is talking about how the court has ordered certain items – Like this point by Hip in Pakistan:


And this how India TV showed their concerns:

And then like always, there are people who are talking about how it is their personal matter and everyone should stop overreacting! (Well you are on-point)

But this is the entertainment industry and we all love to gossip, especially when its personal. The more personal it is, the better for those who want to talk. This is what our conversations have come down to now where we start dragging personal matters on Digital and make the world sound a bit more horrible for the ones who are already going through a storm.

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