Trying Out Paramount

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Middle-Eastern cuisine is not everyone’s piece of cake and there are hardly any restaurant chains that are able to live up to the expectations – Paramount is one of these restaurants. We went in on a Sunday afternoon to Paramount at Khayban-e-shamsheer to try out what they are actually made of. This is what we think:

The Restaurant

Okay so the ambiance wasn’t that bad to be honest, it was a mix of middle eastern heritage with an elegant touch of gold at a lot of points, but then again I think that is one of the things that restaurants in the middle-east correspond to – especially the ones in Dubai. The chairs were comfortable and the experience was overall good.

The Staff

Helpful, quick and courteous – These are the three things that one looks for when dining-in – at Paramount, thought the staff was helpful and courteous, they were a bit slow in their service. We had to call them thrice to bring in the cheque and complete our parcel! So that wen’t unexpected, however on the other hand, they were courteous and helpful in helping us decide our order.

The Food!

Now comes the good part, the food! We ordered in falafels, shawarma wrap and a shawarma platter. At first, we were served two pieces of freshly oven made pita breads and in a short span of 15-20 minutes they came in with the rest of the food.

paramount 2

The taste was amazing! Though the falafel were quite huge in size (bigger than how they usually are) yet they were quite tasty and had a strong flavor. One of the things that we loved the most was the sauce! No, not tahini, the other strong and spicy sauce that they keep on all tables. The meat was tender, the bread was soft and the vegetables were fresh. All-in-all it was a good experience and is a must-try for those who want to try Middle-Eastern cuisines.

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