People with the most epic YouTube Videos Ever

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If like me, you are a fan of watching YouTube videos at most parts of the day (No really mom I’m “working”) and love to continue watching new things coming up, then this list is for you. Here are the top 3 YouTube accounts that you should follow right away:

Dude Perfect

As the name suggests, its… its… its… a bunch of guys (Sorry no women in this one, try searching for YouTube “Woh Wali” Videos next time and you still won’t find anything for hours *I have never tried this – P.S. Family Blog*). Coming back to the point, Dude Perfect has continued to make YouTube videos of epic proportions. Seriously. They are so awesome that you will start questioning yourself “Bhai meine dunya mei abhi tak kia ukhaara hai?” Like the giant basketball trick shots video that they uploaded only yesterday (And it has 6.8 million views already)

Liked what you saw here? Check out their channel and you’ll thank me later:


From “Honest Indian Flights” (That we Pakistanis can relate to as well) to “Every Bollywood Party Song” (Astagfarullah bro! Pakistani aur Indian party songs? We support our local talent! By searching for Indian songs for than 360,000 times a month, P.S. Pakistani Songs are searched for only 74,000 times a month in Pakistan), these guys have come with the craziest set of videos out there! I officially got to know their name after the knockout roast of Arjun Kapoor and Ranbir Singh (Alone. In a corner. Of an empty room.) video, which unfortunately was banned a little time later. Moving on, like I said these people come up with the craziest videos, for e.g. their today’s upload titled Dank Irrfan where they are converting Irfan Khan into all famous memes (Including Ye Bik Gai Hai Gormint – Aunty making Pakistanis proud), Check it out here:

You can follow them on YouTube here:


Coming to our country, yes there are a lot of comedians out there trying to make people (forcibly) laugh, a lot of people who have millions of subscribers (with copied content) and oh of course other channels who work on click baits (Ye dekhain Meera nay kia kara!). And then there is this guy. Taimoor Salahuddin a.k.a Mooroo who is an all-rounder I believe, from songs like Mariyam and Itni Chikni, to Vlogs and short skits, this guy is pure genius (I don’t know him personally, But if you are reading this “Hi!!”). This guy can bring the most amazing concepts out in his YouTube videos. Like this one which is one of the oldest stories in the world, and has been overly dramatized by our usual SOAPS. As rightly pointed out in one of the comments “A 50 episode drama, put professionally​ in 8:39 min and you rocked the landscape.” Here it is check it out:

Watch the rest of his YouTube videos here:

Who else do you think deserves to be in this list? Leave a comment below and we’ll try covering them in our next edition of “People with the most epic YouTube Videos Ever”.

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