Top 3 Pizza Joints in Karachi

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Winters and Pizza! A combination which deserves to be placed in the hall of fame of best combinations in the world. Pizza is life, love, and today we are talking about the top 3 pizza joints in Karachi.

No. 1 – California Pizza

What tops our list of pizzas in Karachi is definitely going to be California Pizza. This joint, which has now expanded to almost all parts of the city and still they have been able to maintain their level of quality despite the high influx of customers in their outlets. We have tried their Fajita Sicilian at three different locations and found it to be almost the same along with their generous toppings. Their garlic bread supreme is also a winner however the salad can still be improved.

No. 2 – Pizza Max

Creamy Super Max. These three words can change someone’s frown upside down almost immediately if they have a deep love for this Italian piece of marvel. The flavor is something different and you are definitely going to like it. Trust me. Unfortunately, the downside to this place is that their size is somewhat a question mark. But! you can always order 2 large to make your day even more exciting since their prices are not that high as compared to other joints in the city.

No. 3 – Broadway

I personally like the dips that they offer with the main course and the quantity that they offer is massive! Plus, stuffed crust is just my thing. So yeah maybe i’m a bit biased towards what we get here. Pepperoni is my all time favorite here and i would suggest that if you have been living under a rock your whole life, come out and try this pizza out as soon as you can. Though, the last time I had it was when Foodpanda screwed up my order and then sent Broadway to patch things up between us.

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