Mothers Day by TCS Sentiments Express

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TCS Sentiments Express, one of the earliest brands in Pakistan to provide the option of sending gifts online, kept on its promise of being there for its audience on all special occasions – including this year’s Mothers Day. On 13th and 14th of May, the brand ran an activity in Dolmen Mall Clifton Karachi and Packages Mall Lahore to celebrate Mothers Day.

The activity revolved around a couple of things, starting-off with a chance to dedicate on-stage, in front of everyone, a message to your mother and this was my personal favorite. A lot of people came in, specially cute little children who sang poems on the stage. Couldn’t have been any better way to make their mothers proud on this day.

mothers day booth

Next – they had a few gifts at 50% discount that you could gift your mother. These included a cute little teddy bear (and who doesn’t love a teddy bear?!), a mug saying “I Love You Ammi” (Memorable!) and of course a beautiful necklace (Fancy!). For people like me who always go out to take gifts at the last moment, this was definitely a relief! At 6 in the evening for people who were roaming around Dolmen Mall Clifton, thinking what to buy for their moms, this was the perfect answer to the question “How Can I Make Her Feel Special?” Oh and while we are on the topic of making her feel special, Sentiments Express’s activity also had a live photo printing booth! If you were with your mother, you could have gotten a picture with her taken and printed right away.

Mothers Day Gifts

Its good to have a brand like Sentiments Express coming out of their way to help you make your loved ones feel special. Though everyday is Mothers Day, they made this one special for a lot of them 🙂

If in the future you are looking to make someone feel special then you can send them a gift via Sentiments Express’s website:

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