This Karachi based Online Venture has already started making waves

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This one is for the ladies. Something I guess they were probably looking forward to from some time now. An online stitching service named Tailor Master has made its way to Karachi and they have already started making waves. They started-off in September and are already creating an impact.


First thing’s first. It is pretty darn convenient! We had one of our staff members give out a dress to this Tailor Master service and it turned out to be amazing. So the process is quite simple, all you have to do is

  1.  Message then on Facebook with your details
  2. The rider will pick up the unstitched dress along with your sample suit from your doorstep, and;
  3. They will deliver it at you home within a couple of days.

This is probably as convenient as it gets when it comes to getting your dress stitched. No more worrying about your local tailor giving you minor heart attacks anymore eh?


Looking at the reviews on Tailor Master’s Facebook page (4.7 Star rating out of 5), it seems like the people they have served are more or less happy with their services. Here are a few of them:

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So it does look like that the reviews are positive at this point.

What are they offering?

So these people seem to have their primary focus based on stitching formal and casual dresses for women. BUT! That is not it. Recently they also introduced three pretty exciting new product lines including:

  1. Matching Duppattay, Tussles and tights
  2. Stitched Kurtis
  3. Unstitched Dresses


Now let’s talk a bit about the affordability to go ahead with this online stitching service. Their base rate is Rs. 1,250 per suit including delivery and pipen. Well, thinking from the perspective of endless number of visits that you have to make to the tailor’s outlet and the amount of time wasted, this seems pretty good and definitely quite affordable.

So looking at this venture I think the online spectrum in Pakistan is definitely going upwards with multiple new entrants coming in. This level of convenience is definitely that most people are looking for. We would like to wish Tailor Master’s team best of luck for their venture and hope that they keep their customers happy so that people have their belief strengthened in online shopping.

To find more about Tailor Master and to use their service, visit their Facebook page:

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