Snapchat (PR Disaster) Story

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An alleged CEO comment by the CEO of Snapchat has been circulating over the internet saying how the app is only for the rich and not for poor countries like “India”, and it has created nothing but trouble for the brand.

Their ratings on Google Play have started falling down in the past 24 hours and according to many news clippings, people have also started uninstalling the app.

And then of course the trolling began likewise

Oh and this is the ultimate level of trolling:

The comment came in from an ex-employee Anthony Pompliano in the midst of a lawsuit where he has also claimed a series of allegations as well.

Snapchat has of course denied having commented this at all but #UninstallSnapchat and #BoycottSnapchat which are currently trending in India seem to say this otherwise. Personally we think this is all a hoax because almost all tech entrepreneurs know about the potential that lies in the sub-continent.

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