Shaffer by Grace Fabrics – A complete men’s wear collection

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Grace Fabrics is one name in the men’s clothing industry which has been making vibes since the past 30 years, and now the masterminds behind this mega-brand have started a retail chapter with the name of Shaffer at the first floor of Lucky One Mall. I personally visited this outlet on 12th August at their launch and I immediately fell in love with it. Here is why it is the best place to buy from this Eid:

The Store Itself

First things first, us men, we prefer something elegant and classy when it comes to buying quality clothes and Shaffer by Grace Fabrics offers just that. The ambiance, the woodwork and the hospitality are three things which show up right when you enter their outlet. I fell in love with it as soon as I walked in.

Grace Fabrics

The Quality of its Products

Quality is one thing which I can personally never let go, specially when it comes to clothing because what you wear says a lot about you without you having to say a lot. At Shaffer by Grace Fabrics, quality is one thing that they are not willing to compromise on. With production and store both located in Karachi, this brand is creating a thousand pieces of designs with ten color options each and is still able to maintain the level of quality. I personally took a look around their store to find out one piece where I could raise an objection but sadly I couldn’t let their claim falter. Boohoo!

What Shaffer Stands For

In a small discussion with the owners of the place on the launch day, I got to know a little bit about what the brand stands for. Basically they have kept everything around two main factors – Quality and Convenience. Everything that they do, from their store presentation to their ability to satisfy customers and make things easy for them, revolves around the brand’s philosophy of keeping their customers happy. As a matter of fact, for their unstitched range, instead of conventional thaans that you see when buying a piece of cloth, they introduced a roll up to keep things simple. Similarly, they also brought in a color shade with actual fabric so that you can get a better idea of what options do they have rather than just relying on your own imagination.

Grace Fabrics Collection

The Parent Brand – Grace Fabrics

A lot of brands just go about and claim that they are the best but here most of us know about the heritage that goes with the brand itself. Grace Fabrics is not a new name in the industry of men’s clothing and because of their 30 years of experience, they are the pioneers when it comes to delivering quality products. With them coming in the retail industry, other brands are definitely going to face a major setback. Oh and for this Eid, I would personally recommend that you try out Shaffer by Grace Fabrics to make things even more special.

To find out more about what the brand is up to, visit their Facebook page:

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