4 things that always happen in a shaadi

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Hello October, you have come here once again being the only buffer month right before the crazy shaadi season in Pakistan. If you have a wedding coming up, then these are the 5 things you are most likely to face:

1 – Wedding Dresses

Doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl, when it comes to a wedding, everyone freaks out thinking about what to wear, especially the bride and the groom. The preparations start 6-8 months in advance but it always, always, always end up getting finalized right before the wedding. So if your dresses aren’t finalized yet, relax, take a deep breath and cry a river. Because no matter what we say you’ll still feel bad.

2 – Weird Questions by Aunties

Another favorite pass time of many aunties (and sometimes even uncles) are the weird questions that accompany them at weddings. “Kahan sy lia”, “Kyu lia?” “Larka kitna kamata hai?” “Oho khaanay mei bas ye rakhwa rahy ho?” and a lot more. To all these aunties and uncles, whenever the say that they want to talk about something, say this:

3 – Stressing Over Mehndi Dances

We all want mehndi dances to be synchronized and look like they have come out of a Bollywood movie with you being SRK but in the end (thanks to our friends and their availability to practice on dances) we get something like this:

Or this:

Or… Well you get the idea.

4 – Fooooooooddd!

This is our favorite part. Well to be honest it is the only thing that most people are interested in to attend a wedding in the first place. But you know what’s weird? Everybody becomes a food critic when it comes to a wedding.

“Daal mei bhagaar kam tha”, “Agar Chinese bhi hojata toh…” and our personal favorite “Sai tha, kuch khaas nai.”. Well to all these people. It cost the people arranging it a fortune when getting this done you know. Please be a bit appreciative and keep your comments to yourself please?

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