Shehzad Ghias Sheikh and Friends – A review

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“Stand up comedy comes to Pakistan”, said the Facebook post for the stand up comedy show Broadway Special with Shehzad Ghias Sheikh and friends (Though stand up comedy has been in Pakistan since the past 2 years) and we were invited to it courtesy of the managing team. The day was Friday the 7th (luckily not the 13th) and so we accepted the invite to attend an amazing line up of local talent. Here is a somewhat detailed feedback of the show:
For the six days of SGS and friends, the line-up included a variety of local talent. For Friday the 7th, the line up included:

  • Kashif Shehzad
  • Faraz Ahmed
  • Soraya Mahmood
  • Huzaifa Mansa
  • Faheem Azam
  • Shehzad Ghias

Out of these, Soraya and Huzaifa were first timers and Faheem Azam was the fantastic host for the night. Let’s talk about all the performances a bit in detail.

First Timers

Let’s start-off with the first timers on the show. With a host of fellow colleagues, Huzaifa’s performance received a lot of laughs from the crowd and though there were moments where the joke climax could have been cut down in terms of the duration instead of dragging it further, the kid was able to spread giggles across the floor. In terms of delivery, I personally think he needs to conduct a series of performances with a genuine audience to improve his delivery of jokes. On the other hand, Soraya was a bit calm in terms of her delivery and her jokes were able to make people laugh out loud at various points.

For the jokes themselves; well they were good enough to turn this stand up comedy show into a dirty comedy night if you know what i mean, thanks to special direct references to homophobia and various parts of the body. Keeping in view that there was no age-restriction to enter this show, there were a couple of minors attending as well who might not be in a very positive state after attending the show.

The Fantastic Host

Faheem Azam is not a new name in the world of comedy and with his recent viral video projects including Darzi ki Marzi and Boriyat, he has spread laughter across borders. Fortunately, he was the host for the night. A pathan by ethnicity (and he is not afraid to accept it), he warmed up the audience with so much energy that the rest of the night became even more amazing thanks to his efforts. From delivery to the nature of jokes and their ability to connect with the audience, the experience of this guy speaks for itself. It was delightful to see Faheem on stage again.

Kashif and Faraz

Kashif Shehzad is one of the very few sole Urdu stand up comedians in this country. His jokes are sometimes a bit too hard for people to grasp and relate to at times but this time around the floor responded with laughs.

Next up was the crazee gentleman Faraz Ahmed who has been performing on stage aggressively since the past two years. With his recent solo show at the same venue, Faraz has created quite a name for himself in the industry. This time around, he was one of the strongest comedians in the line up with his jokes varying from GOT references to mimicking politicians, his 5 minute performance filled with energy gave the whole crowd the dose of comedy it needed in the middle of the show. Here is his performance from the show:

Shehzad Ghias – The Broadway Special

Now comes the main event, Shehzad Ghias and his Broadway Special. If I had to sum it up in one word, I would say “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and this is me still being modest about it. The guy is amazing. This is the first time that I have seen him live in performance and I have to say that I definitely enjoyed it. Yes there were one or two moments where the jokes seemed a bit familiar but overall in terms of delivery, energy and consistency Shehzad rightly received the standing ovation which he truly deserved. If you are someone who loves attending stand up comedy shows then you need to see him live in action.

With the growth of Stand up comedy artists in Pakistan, it is good to see that such platforms are providing developing artists with a platform to showcase their skills. I hope there are more similar shows lined up in the future to further improve this industry.

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