Ronaldinho and Friends – A Historic Night

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There was a time when international players were reluctant to visit Pakistan because of the supposed “Threats” to their security but this notion has forever been removed now due to the untiring efforts of Leisure Leagues by TrunkWala and World group as they brought Ronaldinho and Friends to Pakistan for not one, but two exhibition matches in Karachi and Lahore. This resulted in a sporting event which would leave an everlasting impact on the sports industry of Pakistan.

Everything about the match was exciting enough to attract a huge crowd to the stadium. This event was so magnanimous that it resulted in Shahra-e-Faisal being jam packed because of the huge inflow of cars making its way towards the National Hockey Stadium. Everyone was doing their best to watch these international football legends play live. Long queues at the gate and with even more people standing outside, the event was a success even before starting.

The ceremony before the match was phenomenal. The lights were shut down for a laser show and the crowd stood up with joy. Then came the amazing laser light show which had people screaming for more. It ended with lighting up a Pakistani flag.

ronaldinho and friends

The match started after the National Anthem and as soon as Ronaldinho and friends entered the ground, the crowd went nuts. It was as if it was a dream come true for many of the people who had come in and for those who couldn’t make it to the event, live coverage by almost everyone on spot was bringing the action live online. The excitement was in the air. From they olay olay cheers to Brazil flags hanging around, you could see soccer fans screaming their hearts out on this mighty event. Three penalties and close tackles, watching the match was a sheer joyous moment for everyone.

The half time was even more exciting with Ali Azmat and Momina Mustehsan singing the newly composed football anthem “tera hai jahan”. Here is the link to the song in case you missed it:

The two teams, both being led by legends (Ronaldinho on one side and Giggs on the other) had Pakistani players in them as well. These were some of the top notch players from Pakistan who had their wishes granted when they teamed up with Ronaldinho and friends. With players such as Abdul Aziz, Kaleemullah Khan (the messi of Pakistan) and Saadullah who scored a goal in the match, Pakistan has strong players in its corner.

This was definitely a huge feat for the sporting industry in Pakistan as Ronaldinho and friends came in for these exhibition matches. After this we hope that there will be a higher influx of international sporting personalities in Pakistan in other categories as well. Also, with this exciting match, we also hope that our local talent will now have a better platform to showcase their football skills and pursue their dreams to become a prominent name in the world of football.

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