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Pizza is one thing that you can never have enough of, the juiciness and flavor and the oh so exciting flavor! Makes you forget your balanced diet plan and go all out at times. So this weekend we tried a different Pizza chain, one that goes by the name of Pizza One. Here is what we think:

The Salad


This is the second place that we have gone to where we think that the quality of the salad still has a huge margin for improvement. Yes, it was good but not as good as what you get at Pizza Hut I suppose. The quality definitely needs improvement here. It was fresh, yes but the taste wasn’t up to par. Also, the sauces were missing their core flavors in them, especially the French dressing. Oh and if you are wondering about food wastage looking at this picture, don’t worry – we were able to finish this off ­čśŤ

Garlic Breads


Next in the list we ordered Garlic breads as a part of our Pizza review tradition. Honestly, this was one of the best garlic breads I have had in recent times. It was almost perfect, with the perfect blend of cheese and being toasted to perfection, it was neither too soft, nor too hard to make your jaws hurt like how it happens in many other.

Plus point: It was served fresh and on time with an even gap between our salad and the main course.

The Service

The staff here is friendly. From your time to the entry till the time you leave, you will be treated as a valuable guest. One thing which I personally liked about this was that at the end of the meal their staff comes in with a tablet and ask you to submit your feedback. This tab is directly linked to the head-office and from what it looks like, they are constantly checking up on all feedback.

The Pizza at Pizza One

Pizza one

Now let’s come down to the main feature – THE PIZZA! Well, we ordered a flavor from their new variety named “Creamy Chic-o-Garlic” and we were honestly blown away. Its a good blend of cream and cheese and will definitely keep you coming back for more once you have had it. It was served smoking hot, within 20 minutes and was cooked till perfection. There was hardly a need to add anything to enhance the flavor here. It was juicy and by the looks of it, was definitely mouth-watering.

So on our 4 point rating scale, this place scores a 3 star!

P.S. Please work a bit on your salad!

Have you tried Pizza One too? We would love to hear about your experiences! Share them in the comments section below.

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