Rain Disasters. Who to blame?

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Last night Karachi experienced one of the worst thunderstorms since a very long time. The rain swept away people, cars and small establishments alike into oblivion. But in the midst of all the disasters and mishaps that always come up, who is to blame?

From the various videos that have surfaced since last night and from personal experiences of many friends and family members, it can be seen that this city was not equipped to handle this amount of rain. But isn’t this a question that we have been asking ourselves since a very long time? We all know the famous phrase that Karachi is “below sea level” and thus whenever happens, this always comes back to us. Second, the famous “authorities” who are all busy in handling their own problems that general public is still facing hardships. Are they to blame?

Yes, post-rain the KMC teams have stood up and started taking things in account along with KE and other divisions, but isn’t this a very long established fact that this happens every monsoon. Yes we know that last night’s rain was unlike any other that we have seen in some time but even after the smallest of rainfalls, the city of Karachi sinks into a period of dirt. We are not the only country that sees heavy rainfall. Look at Malaysia, for them last night was probably just drizzling.

We have all been seeing the same thing year after year. Its almost 2018 people, the world has advanced to another level and are still fighting over our drainage and electricity system. So in shorts we need to blame ourselves. We have let this happen to us. We have let authorities tell us that this is how things always have been in this city and this is how they will be; and we have conveniently said accepted this and then resort to blaming authorities for not doing their jobs properly. Think about it. You are the reason why they are in charge in the first place.

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