Rain and Karachi – A Love Story?

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Rain in Karachi has always been an experience worth remembering. What starts off as a blessing for everyone, soon turns into a nightmare for many. Within the past 48 hours, Karachi has seen it all. Many even call rain in Karachi a love story. Maybe it is, but what kind of a love story? And who is in the lead?

As soon as the clouds come up, people like sheep start putting up statuses on Facebook. During this time there are two types of people. One who put such statuses up and others who think this is pathetic. Well maybe people are just excited because they have been experiencing a lot of heat in the past 30 days and this rain is a small sigh of relief. If you don’t like it then its perfectly fine, no need to demean anyone else’s emotions. So such people are basically the angry mauhallay ki auntian who are never happy, no matter what you do. I’m sure you have a few in your circle who criticized you when you started a live video of the rain saying things like “Oh thanks, now I don’t need to look out of my window”.


Next. People want to enjoy the rain, they want to go out, sing and dance in it – just like one of those Bollywood movies but then there are people who criticize them, call them names, tell them they are wasting their time and effort and should probably stay at home. Why? Why do we do this? Why can’t we see other people having a good time? After all, we are a Bollywood trained nation. There is a little “mery khwabon mei jo aaye” wali Kajol in all of us who likes to sing in a towel, probably not in rain but still. Let them enjoy and have fun. You know this is nevertheless going to change in a few hours. Which brings us to the climax of this love story!

The climax comes in when you realize that all this water needs to go somewhere and Karachi is not a city in Malaysia which can sustain all this rain. Here on forward, its kind of a funny story. We start cursing the government, the officials and these people become the villains to our love story. You start seeing people showing their level of hate to them on all public platforms. While stuck at work, while stuck on the roads in the flood or when there is no electricity at home after the rain! But despite all of this, most of us still don’t hate the rain.

In the end, after a couple of days, the water goes down, electricity is back up (hopefully) and we live happily everafter (Well. Sort of..). So who is in the lead in this love story? Its you! You, the person who is reading this blog post. But its up to you if you want to be the “mery khwabon mei jo aaye” wali Kajol or shift to an angry mauhallay ki aunty. This is your love story and you can choose the outcome. Choose wisely.

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