This event at LUMS talked about a different perspective to the electricity problems in Pakistan

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You have all probably heard about the fact that Pakistan is producing less than the desired quantity of electricity – but have you heard about the quality of Power in Pakistan? Probably not, and this was the case with many other people at a recent event held at LUMS on 26th October in collaboration with Socomec and Netline Pvt. Limited.

What was the talk about?

“Even if Pakistan’s supply and demand gap is met, the problems of Power will not go away because of the quality of our Power”. So, the workshop was not about the standard issues that everyone talks about, instead it focused on a couple of different themes. These included:

  • Identifying all the issues of Power Quality and its effects
  • The concept of “Total Cost of Ownership”
  • Generating Power vs Quality Power. What’s the right balance?


Who Participated?

In essence, it was a platform to engage with likeminded people. People who care about this issue and can be torchbearers in making the dream of good quality electricity a reality in Pakistan. So, people from the industry, prominent engineers and engineering students who will become the future of the electric industry participated in this event. There were three main speakers namely Edward Ong from Socomec, Uzair Zavary and Umair Zavary from Netline Pvt.

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All-in- all the event turned out to be a great success with participants who were amazed at the dilemma we face every day and how it goes unnoticed. Vice Chancellor of LUMS – Professor, DR. S. Sohail H. Naqvi speaking on the occasion appreciated the efforts of students, alumni, professionals & experts to come together and discuss such an ignored but critical topic. More than 25% of power generated in Pakistan is lost due to poor distribution of Power.

Pakistan doesn’t just have a Power Generation problem, but also a Power Quality problem. This is something that we definitely need to work on.


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