QHBCW Bridal Couture Week 2017 – Day 3 Highlights

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Day 3 of #QHBCW – Q Mobile HUM Bridal Couture Week was amazing with a number of designers showcasing their clothing line including the finale by Sonya Batla. We were there for the second half of the show and this is what went through.

There was a light show performance by QMobile in the beginning. Here are a few glimpses from that performance:

What followed next was a series of amazing dresses by one of the finest designers in the country.

Nickie N Nina

Nickie N Nina showcased their clothing line and we immediately fell in love with it:

Nickie n Nina

Ahsan’s Bespoke Menswear

Ahsan, who came all the way from UK showcased his menswear range which had a touch of Royalty in it. Going ahead with bold reds with an element of gold and black definitely made his collection stand out at QHBCW – Bridal Couture Week.

Ahsan's Collection

Finale of Bridal Couture Week

The finale definitely turned the crowd upside down when Sonya Batla’s Aatish collection came in. It was designed to pay a tribute to Dar-ul-sukoon. The set started with Sister Ruth Lewis – the administrator at the NGO who talked a bit about the establishment and how it is helping special people across the country. She thanked Sonya Batla for her inclination towards helping this NGO grow to accommodate additional people.

Next, Fuzon came in for a live performance of their new song Ishq Azad from their upcoming album with the same name.


The collections showcased were amazing and jaw-dropping. Thanks to QMobile, HUM TV, Slice, Lays, Bays International (Styled by SWEET TOUCH and backstage makeup and hair partners Framesi and Kryolan) along with TUC for making this event a success.

Slice decided to give the audience a glamour treatment by creating an amazingly designed lounge. This is what it looked like:

Slice at Bridal Couture Week

So overall, the night was young, glamorous and filled with the aura of fashion. Events like these definitely give our local fashion industry a boost. We will keep on getting you more pictures and videos from the event. Stay tuned on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/blogcoverage/ for more updates.

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