How Private Schooling Helped me Progress in Life

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As I look back at the years I spent in school, college and then university, one thing which was common among all three was that I was fortunate enough to go to a private institution. The story of where I am today might have been very different if I had completed my foundation years in a government school – because we all know how the condition is in those institutions.

I changed three to four schools during my time because we moved a lot, starting from City School in Karachi to a Pakistani school in UAE and then another private school named Greenwich Public School on returning back to Karachi. It was the environment in these schools that enabled me to have a slightly stronger level of intellect which helped me further when I progressed to College and then University. I personally believe that private schools in Pakistan are doing a good job in making students competitive. In University (IoBM), I mingled around with people from various schooling backgrounds. From students of Mama Parsi to students of the City School, Beaconhouse and KGS. Looking at these people it became clearly visible that your schooling helps you a lot when you progress forward. It is the early years of your life when you start developing habits and IQ that take you a long way. But if you look at government schools and the students that graduated from them, you’ll realize the drawback that I’m talking about. Over the past decades, a lot of government schools have turned into ghost schools while others are unable to bring the power of knowledge to children. With a vast range of activities planned for children, private schools build more than just bookish knowledge in children whereas government schools are unable to even fulfill the basic necessities of education for children.

I was lucky and fortunate enough to go to a private school and progress forward in life and reach where I am today; but there are many children in Pakistan who are deprived of this basic foundation because they were only able to afford a government level schooling.

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