Pakistan Fashion Week London – Destination Lancaster

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Lancaster house in London was taken over by 36 Pakistani Fashion Designers on 20th and 21st of May under the umbrella of Pakistan Fashion Week London. A show organized in collaboration of High Commission for Pakistan London and Riwayat. The event was not only participated by local fashion giants like Sana Safinaz and Maria B but also included a lineup of strong upcoming talented designers as well. Here is a glimpse of all that happened in this two day event and of course our favorites!

Day 1

The first day’s first act kicked off with Shamaeel Ansari whose collection dominated the floor with rust, beige, orange and golden designs.

Agha Noor and Maria B’s collection were also a part of the first act for day 1. Again a lot of beige and gold could be spotted here. Maria B’s collection however had a different touch that night (2nd and 3rd image after this paragraph) as she tried to bring something new to the floor at Pakistan Fashion Week London, as opposed to her longstanding standard pieces.

The second part of the first day of Pakistan Fashion Week London comprised of six designers with the finale of the day by Sana Safinaz. One collection that we absolutely loved in this was by Sadaf Amir.

With sleek cuts, contemporary designs and absolutely amazing and trendsetting collection here is what Sana Safinaz had to bring to the floor (P.S Sana Safinaz was our best pick for Day 1):

Day 2

The second day of Pakistan Fashion Week London was divided into two parts with an official matinee of two acts with 12 designers and the grand finale of two acts with 12 designers. Let’s start with the matinee first. So the matinee consisted of 12 designers including jewelry designs. We personally loved Sana Farooq’s jewlry collection. Here is a glimpse of that:

P.S. We double checked – That is not rogue from X-Men.

Grand Finale of Pakistan Fashion Week London

The grand finale is where things started going even more exciting. With Cheena Chapra’s vivid collection (Image 1) to Gogi by Hassan Riaz (Image 2), the night was filled with excitement. Personally loved what Hassan had to bring to the floor.

And of course, the final part of the grand finale was made even more exciting when Umar Saeed brought his “An Oud To Zainab Market” on the floor. The collection which was previously also showcased at QHShowcase earlier this year in Karachi, was taken to the international level on this fashion show in Lancaster. Long-story short it was nothing less of an excitement for the audience there. Here are some pictures from his showcase. Enjoy!!

We love Pakistani fashion, and its such an honor to see our designers showcasing their talent in front of an international audience. We hope that more events like these are arranged in the future so that our country can get the recognition it deserves in the world of fashion.

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