A one-on-one session with Misbah Mumtaz

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From the beautiful landscape of Hunza comes the beautiful fashion model Misbah Mumtaz. From owning the ramps at Fashion Shows to becoming a part of strong and bold campaigns, Misbah Mumtaz has kept on moving upwards in the world of fashion. At Blog Coverage, we had a chance to have a one-on-one session with this Pakistani beauty. Here goes!

misbah mumtaz

Faizan: How did you enter the world of modeling?
Misbah: It was all a coincidence. My elder sister sent my pictures for Miss Veet, I got selected, came to top 3, had to convince my father for letting me do it professionally and now I am the only one working from my year.

Faizan: What are the 3 words that would describe you best?
Misbah: Hardworker. Ambitious. Energetic.

Faizan: What is the most interesting shoot that you have worked on so far?
Misbah: This shoot with the maestro Rizwan Ul Haq for Deepak Perwani where I looked like a voodoo doll but it all came out so well. I loved the entire experience of a high fashion shoot.

Faizan: If you weren’t a model, what would you want to do?
Misbah: Maybe just sleep and be a mountain climber like all other ambitious women from Hunza do.

Faizan: Your advise for those who want to join the modelling world?
Misbah: Trust yourself. Give your best. Be organized. And go for it.

Faizan: A few words about your latest shoot with Kashif Rashed?
Misbah: I share great chemistry with Kashif. We have done together lawn, editorial, formals but this was the first time we decided to do something western and it came out brilliant.

misbah mumtaz

With the ever-growing fashion industry of Pakistan, it is always a pleasure to see women continuously breaking stereotypes in our country. We wish Misbah Mumtaz all the best in her future endeavors and hope that she keeps on shining in the world of fashion.

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