Ocean Limousine – A Registered Transportation Service

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Ocean Limousine, also known as O-Limo is set out to launch its services soon in the city of Karachi. In the growing field of transportation, there are many foreign and local companies that have set up operations in Pakistan. Ocean Limousine is aiming at entering this market in the near future to give tough competition to all the players in the market as they are determined to cover all legal grounds before starting their service.

Pakistan is not new to using mobile app based transportation services thanks to Uber and Careem. However, in recent times these services had to face some backlash due to government regulations whereby they were even suspended for some time. Also, there have been multiple cases of harassment in recent times because of which some people are reluctant to use such services. In such a time, a company like Ocean Limousine coming in with complete legalities is definitely a breath of fresh air.
Looking at their recent Social Media activity which started in the beginning of this month, their stance towards some of the key factors in this service is amazing.

For e.g. they are publicly announcing some of their conditions, such as the level of experience associated with the captains that they are looking for. Also, in addition to taking in cars from the public, this service also has its own cars running in the service as well because of which we believe that they will be more cautious of consumer experiences.
ocean limousine

In one of their posts, they also mentioned that they are working on value additions and that it might not just be a mobile app.

So far from what we know, they are still looking for additional vendors to become a part of their service. This is the link to register as a vendor for their service¬†–¬†http://oceanlimousines.com/form/index.php

We hope that this service is able to make a mark and give its competitors a tough time in the local market. Best of luck!

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