What NOT to Do This New Year

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A new year is a good excuse to give your self the boost that you always needed. A change in calendar should also reflect a change in you as well. As we stand at the end of this new year, let’s make the changes that we always wanted to make in our lives. Here is a list of few things not to do this new year:

Don’t Hold Back This New Year

First thing is first, each one of us has a lot of potential and there is so much we can achieve if we stop doubting ourselves. So, this new year, don’t doubt yourself and go out and do more! Here is a little video to boost your motivation by our team.

Don’t Plan For A Six Pack

Yes, we all would love if we looked like the Aquaman Jason Momoa or the Wonder Woman Gal Gadot but let’s be a bit realistic, shall we? This new year, instead of planning for a six pack, plan to stay healthy or plan to keep a check on your calories during the week. Instead of a hardcore fitness regime which you probably won’t continue after the first two weeks, adopt a healthy routine which will keep you healthy in the long term. What else? Instead of planning 6 days in the gym, start off with only 2 days and increase the duration and intensity as you move along. This way you’ll be able to keep yourself on track and consistently move forward.

Don’t Be An Ass!

Well this should usually go about without saying but sometimes we have to make things obvious. If you are someone who has had the following:

  • A friendship breakup
  • Arguments with family
  • Loss in business
  • Lost a loved one
  • Missed out on important events

Or anything similar and you are keeping it inside you and not letting it go, then this year plan to not be an ass, instead plan to let things go. You will feel a lot better 🙂

Read more about how not to be an ass on our Reflections section.

So this was our little list, what do you NOT plan to do this year? Share in the comments section below.

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