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This season of Coke Studio has been pretty epic but the highlight for us and a lot of other people had been the presence of Noori in this season. The music, the lyrics and the melody – everything was on point when it came to Noori’s tracks in this season.

Noori and Social Feedback

So Twitter wen’t a bit crazy after their track with people starting to show their support for their tracks. Here are some of them:

Noori Twitter Comment 1


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And this is only a very small fraction of the feedback that has come in for Noori after their Coke Studio episodes. Though they were present their as music directors too, their performance in these two tracks was simply amazing.

On the other hand, YouTube comments came in from many parts of the world praising the performance of these music gurus from Pakistan. Here are some of them:





Deep Lyrics is something that has been a part of Coke Studio from the start I believe and this is what was also witnessed in this season as well. Especially the song Paar Chanaa De – a conversation between Sohni and her Clay pot. Goosebumps are a common attribute among the listeners if you follow the actual lyrics along with the melody. Here is the track once again.

Up Beat

The second song O Re is definitely one of the best up beat songs of the season. Their performance here is exemplary and their touch of Noorism has made this track even stronger. I think it is safe to say that Noori has been in the spotlight in this season of Coke Studio. Here is the track:

Noori and Sentimental Value

Yes the songs were amazing but maybe the impact was even higher because this is one band that most of us have grown up listening to. One of the very few musicians who were able to pen down what the youth really wanted to listen to. All-in-all it has created a sentimental value which will always be in our hearts.

We wish that they continue to make awesome songs and take the Pakistani music industry to the next level.

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