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Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s Tiger Zinda Hai released on 21st of December and has already started making a lot of news. This ₹1.5 billion film, which so far has a rating of 7.2 on IMBD is expected to somewhat cross the mind boggling Rs 200 crore point and that too by the end of the first week. The film launched with a grand opening and made roughly ₹34.1 Crore on Friday only as per an article on Indian Express.

In a recent article by Forbes which was published on 25th of December (Christmas Day), the worldwide total result of the movie was somewhere around ₹256 crore / $39.9 million. Out of this, ₹39.5 crore was only for Christmas day. Jesus!

As per a review by Huffington Post India, this movie was rather another blast of sexism where Katrina Kaif’s role could have been a lot better and equal to that of Salman Khan. In another review by The Hindu, the movie was confusing at a lot of points with multiple ideologies mixing up in a cocktail of a juicy action packed spy film which has no logic whatsoever. But since it has Salman Khan in it, it had the star power to make it work. Oh by the way! Its also the perfect gift for Salloo bhai as well as he turns 52 on 27th of December.

Though the movie is banned in Pakistan on account of it being anti-Pakistani (Haan torrent aur video streaming toh kisi kay paas hai hi nai), let’s see what our local critics say about this new spy film. Would you be watching it. The term “tiger zinda hai full movie” has gone up roughly a 1,000% in the past 8 days as per Google trends. YES! YOUR BAN CANNOT STOP US FROM ILLEGALLY WATCHING INDIAN MOVIES.

Have you watched Tiger Zinda Hai yet? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments section below. Let’s see what our people from Pakistan think about Tiger Zinda Hai.

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