The Mexican Sandwich California Pizza

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mexican sandwichCalifornia Pizza introduced their Mexican Sandwich some time back and we decided to give it a shot. Sandwiches and additional menu items in a pizza joint is not new, and this Mexican sandwich by California Pizza looked promising. Here are our thoughts about it:

The taste is different, a bit strong with a good blend of spices and sauces. Also, the chicken used is quite tender and juicy. The accompanying lettuce and mayonnaise enhances the overall flavor of the sandwich. If you talk about the price point, well it is for Rs. 399/- in which you get one sandwich, accompanying fries and a glass of drink.

The portion size of the sandwich is quite reasonable and fulfilling. If you are having their sandwich, then chances are that you might not be able to have more than a slice of Pizza (if that is also on your mind).

Overall, I would rate it 3 out of 5, since I think that they can still make more improvements in it to enhance the flavor but in this price point, this is one heck of a deal.

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