Mahira Khan and The Internet – Everyone is a Judge These Days

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Something surfaced recently and it took the internet by storm. Was it mass genocide? No. World coming to an end? Nope. A cute husky in an eating competition?

Looks cute, but aaaah nope. Not that either. Let’s cut to the chase, it was Mahira Khan and her smoking in public wearing a white backless dress. Yes that’s it. No seriously, that is it. I’m telling you, that is what took the internet by storm.

And so, the internet went like

So we decided to show you just how much debate this incident sparked. Here goes:

This was gold

She does have a point there you know. You might have been watching a lot of Pogo on the internet. Oh or maybe people are pissed because they can’t find *leaked* pictures of her over the internet.

And then things started taking a hilarious u-turn as well at some point in time:

And then this is quite true to be honest:

The Hashtag for Mahira Khan #MahiraKhan is still trending on Twitter with a lot of people talking about it and its ironic to see people condemning her “actions” which were nothing more than practicing her right to liberty on international grounds amidst a group of people who really don’t care. Well apart from the person who clicked these pictures. And to the fine concerned people over the internet, I say this:


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