Leisure Leagues – Unveiling the Trophy and More Surprises

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On 4th of July, Leisure Leagues had their final press conference to unveil the latest edition to the team. Unfortunately, John Terry is unable to make it this season and thus they had to take a new player on board. Presenting the latest edition to the family… Ryan Giggs! And this is definitely a big piece of news for Pakistan.

The press conference was held at The Taj Marquee attended by representatives from Media and celebrities along with the sponsors of Leisure Leagues (Nokia being the title sponsor). A beautiful event hosted by Muzna and Ahmed Ali Butt, all thanks to the people behind the show including but not limited to World Group and the various corporate sponsors making this event a success and bringing Pakistan in the limelight for all the right reasons.

There were a couple of announcements to be made in this night apart from the first announcement of Ryan Giggs. After announcing the addition of Giggs, they showcased the kits for both the teams, one being led by Ronaldinho and the other by Giggs. Here is glimpse of what they look like:

leisure leagues kit

Next up, they unveiled the trophy, and this is no ordinary trophy. Made by Swarovski, the trophy tries to encapsulate the aura of the event that is to take place in Pakistan on 8th and 9th of July to bring Pakistan on the map of football again. One look at it and you will fall in love with it too. Here you go!

Leisure Leagues Trophy

And of course the final announcement of the night. The guy who gave us the anthem for cricket will now also give us the anthem for football. Teaming up with Momina Mustehsan, Ali Azmat is bringing in the anthem for football for this event. We heard a glimpse of it and we can personally feel that it is definitely going to be a morale booster for everyone.

Leisure Leagues Anthem

Lastly, here is what some of the notable personalities at the event had to say:

“It is a great honor to see this initiative coming to life. It is a great time for Pakistan as a nation to be hosting players of this stature in the country, said President of World Group Shahzeb Trunkwala.

Addressing the media, Ammar Ahmed, Head of Marketing Near East for HMD said, “As the title sponsors of the mega event, we feel privileged to unveil the glittering trophy of Nokia Ronaldinho and Friends. These matches featuring international players from across the globe not only sends a clear message that Pakistan is a sports loving country, but also provides us with an opportunity to raise the bar for football in Pakistan.”

We are definitely excited for these two matches. What about you? Yayy or Nayy? Comment below.

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