Khwabeeda – Exhibition by Abeera Zavary and Zaib Talpur

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Every year, the lawn season takes our country by storm, with both old and new players competing to showcase their dresses by bringing something new to the table, but very often we are brought closer towards who we are at our core by someone who is typically new in the field – and Khwabeeda’s collection is a perfect example of such a someone.

I recently had the honor of sitting down with these young designers “Abeera Zavary” and “Zaib Talpur” from Karachi, who have breathed a soul in the Khwabeeda brand. During our discussion we talked over a variety of things including the local fashion industry from the eyes of a new entrant, her inspiration and a lot more. When talking about their inspiration behind her collection, they mentioned that “Our Inspiration is Pakistan. Our traditions, our culture, our handwork. We’ve made sure every design depicts our own homeland.” They further added, “We went to the rural areas of Sindh. And got hand embroidery done from desi experts and ladies there. That’s what different about our collection as well.”

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Designer Wear by Khwabeeda

Next, we talked about their current collection and what people can expect from it, on which Abeera mentioned, “Expect colors , cuts , style , embroideries of Pakistani culture. A wide range of products showing what needs to come back. And what have we lost in the past few years. We have brought back shalwars. We also have pants, short shirts, embroidery embellishments etc. It’s basically a fusion of the past and the present, with a wide set of colors and styles.” So it’s safe to say that in their upcoming exhibition, you can expect some very amazing designs with a variety of colors and cuts that can definitely spice up your wardrobe.

When talking about the local fashion industry, Abeera mentioned, “I think it is one of the most important industries today in Pakistan. It has boomed beautifully in the past few years, giving room to old and new talent.” So she has a fairly strong picture of what is going on in the market.

Optimistic? I would think so. Yes, the industry has boomed in the past couple of years but despite the fact that new entrants have jumped in the market, the ones who are bigger in size and budgets still own the airwaves, the digital media and definitely the outdoor media with their bigger budgets. In such strong times, it makes it even more important for new entrants to focus more on their designs and to make sure that they are top of the line.

Khwabeeda is holding its exhibition on 15th and 16th of April at Prince Jewellers, Diamond Arena, Clifton road, next to Ocean Mall, Near 2 Talwar, Karachi. If you love fashion and are looking for something new and exciting which maintains our country’s traditional touch, then do come over.

Oh, and here is the link to their Facebook page if you want to talk to them one-on-one or want to take a closer look at their collection:

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