KFC Pakistan’s Labor Day Initiative

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Labor Day – The one day which the world celebrates to say thank you to all the workers and laborers around us; and where nationally we are given a day off in their honor, but there are very few brands or individuals who come forward to make a difference in the life of these working class heroes because while most of us are enjoying a day-off, some of these people are on their jobs, working to provide for their families. KFC Pakistan is one of such brands.

labor day

In this scorching heat of the month of May, there are policemen who are still performing their duties including traffic policemen who are supporting people on roads. The brand KFC decided to take a moment and do something for these everyday heroes. This activity, which was based in Karachi was under their CSR initiative “Mitao Bhook” where they have volunteered in taking their finger lickin’ good meal to the labors who are working day in and day out for us.

KFC Labor Day

For this activity, KFC Mitao Bhook team gathered at their Sindhi Muslim outlet and from that location took with them freshly prepared value meals to different parts of Karachi. Along with the burgers, they also provided a water bottle to the traffic policemen and Sindh police officers who were on duty at that time.

CEO of KFC Pakistan Mr. Raza Pirbhai and General Manager Marketing – Mr. Noor Alam also participated in this CSR activity and had their lunch with traffic policemen. A kind gesture and something that other brands in Pakistan can learn from.

Every year we talk about Labor Day, we sit back, relax and take a day off. But apart from a handful of people, hardly anyone does anything to make their lives better. Today, on this Labor Day – let’s pledge to play our parts as well.

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