KFC Pakistan and Wasim Akram Celebrating 70 years of Independence

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Wasim Akram joined hands with KFC Pakistan this Independence Day to celebrate 70 years of Pakistan by giving value to the people who are fond of collecting memories.

Here is the video to give you a better idea about what the Sultan of Swing has to say:

So the offer is pretty simple. If you are someone who is fond of collecting coins, then on 14th August you can win an exclusive Azaadi Bucket courtesy of KFC Pakistan. All you have to do is look for the 50 Paisa coin with Quaid’s picture in your belongings (or that of your friends if you have to. No one can say no to free KFC after all!) and come by on any of the outlets nationwide. By turning the coin in, you can win a free bucket of chicken!

Now with all said and done, this is what you can do right now:

Feel like a King if you have kept the 50 paisa safe.

Empty all your pockets to find that coin!

Dance along if you found that coin before 14th August

Be amazed at how awesome this offer actually is

Remember, the offer will be there for 14th August only and only till stock lasts so be sure to hurry up.

Wait. Looks like we found our coin while writing this article. Yess!!!


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