KFC Firecracker – Delicious to the bone!

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It was time to put the KFC Firecracker to a test to see if this even fulfills all the hype or not and this is what we think:

The Taste

For starters, the new Firecracker chicken is actually spicy and not just a marketing gimmick (Personal Experience). The taste of the original KFC chicken is enhanced with an extra coat of crunchy flakes and Tabasco sprinkle on top of it. This seasoning of Tabasco complements the traditional 11 herbs and spices in KFC’s chicken beautifully.


What’s also evident from this picture (I admit it is a failed attempt at food photography but honestly this has not been enhanced in anyway, especially not with Instagram effects :P) is the level of crispiness,  thanks to the additional layer of crunchy flakes on top of the regular crispy breading. This makes the whole food experience even more exciting. The flavor multiplies with every bite and you feel content after finishing your meal – having experienced a different tangy flavor with the traditionally loved fried chicken. After the first trial, we personally recommended this to a couple of people and so far we have only heard praises about this new extension.

It is good to see that this fried chicken brand is continuously adding new products to its menu to keep its customers happy and keep on surprising them regularly to excite their taste buds with.

The Damage

The meals are easy on the pocket with multiple Firecracker deals available including a regular meal encompassing two pieces of firecracker chicken, a dinner roll and a drink worth Rs. 375 only, My 5 Firecrackers having 5 pieces of firecracker chicken for Rs. 650 and Firecracker Bucket meal worth Rs.1,350 having 4 dinner rolls and a 1.5 liter drink which is not a bad bargain for a healthy family fiesta.

Here is the glimpse to the delicious Firecracker menu.

KFC Menu

All-in-all, KFC’s firecracker chicken is definitely worth a shot and lives up to the expectation of what the brand has always offered – quality and originality. You can order these meals online from their website – https://kfcpakistan.com/

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