KFC – The Chicken Experts To Tantalize Your Tastebuds with Firecracker Chicken

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A comical route to advertising is something of a risk that most brands avoid when planning their marketing activities, however, sometimes one of the bigger names take the bold step to push things in a different perspective – KFC is one of them. This all-time favorite brand which has found its place in our hearts and stomachs (Pun intended) with its expertise in fried chicken and the amazing range of menu items, has now taken a step towards coming even closer to our hearts.

What’s New?

With the introduction of New Firecracker Chicken, the new addition to KFC Pakisan’s menu with a 360 degree marketing approach has created a buzz these days. KFC always likes to keep things real and is all about being original; and this campaign definitely reflects upon this long-term standing of the brand. The campaign, which features Behroze Sabzwari – a living legend of the TV industry in Pakistan, takes a comical route focusing on introducing its irresistible line of firecrackers.

The Plot

So the TVC starts off in an office environment with four employees and a boss being a typical boss exaggerating a situation. Here, it was how someone took out a piece of chicken from the nine piece firecracker combo. To be honest, that’s how anyone would feel if someone took out something so tasty from their lunch. On the other hand, are the scared employees who have dared to take a bite from the forbidden fruit. I think we have all been in a situation where the boss orders something amazingly delicious and we just can’t resist thinking about how amazing it would be if you could take a bite! This is one of them.
Things settle down and the boss walks away. In the end it was in fact one of the employees who couldn’t resist taking a bite. Hence, the tagline says it all – ‘It’s Irresistible!’. I believe the creative and the TVC sync in well with the thought process behind the campaign. It is something people will be able to connect to. Having more than 9,400 views in less than 24 hours on Facebook, the TVC is doing pretty well on social media.
Here is the glimpse of the TVC:

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