#KaratePakistan – A night of Action

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Pakistan has a lot of potential and the talent we have is unparalleled – but there are a very few who understand the underlying potential. From cricket to hockey to Karate, there are many who have skills that can win this country gold in the future. The Inam Martial Art Academy located at Gizri is one place which plays a key role in training youngsters in the art of Kyokushin – An event sponsored by Forifix .  The Inam academy is the brainchild of Shihan Inamullah Khan who is also known as the father of Kyokushin Karate in Pakistan. The judge here was Shihan Mansoor Rabbani – a black belt who knows his game.

We went in on the belt promotion test and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. It started-off with basic tests of breaking bricks and then it went on towards the second part of the event – that’s right; the fighting part. I had never seen a Karate match up-close at this level so it was definitely a new experience for me at least. The fights were well-disciplined and quite an amazing watch.


The best fight for the night was by ‘Haider’ – This guy had a continuous 8 round battle i think and though at the end he was exhausted, he gave his best and kept moving forward. Showcasing the level of hard work that goes into when training for Kyokushin.

#KaratePakistan was definitely a game-changer and as discussed with Samina – the founder of Forifix, there are a lot more similar events to come forward in the near future. We will be looking forward and keep following up to see where this initiative moves. What’s more exciting is that Samina is also planning to launch a course of Katas and Self defence for ladies and young girls. This is definitely something that everyone will be interested in. Best of luck for this Samina!

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