Karachi Files – Two Cultures and Experimental Music

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The level of music in Pakistan is unparalleled, combine that with a bit of German culture and what you get is something so beautiful that it becomes difficult to  ignore it, let alone leave it aside. Something similar happened at Karachi Files recently where 11 musicians from both the regions went on stage and collaborated live to make something truly amazing.

The Musicians of Karachi Files

A lot of talent was on stage that day including -Alien Panda Jury, Arttu (aka Lump), Rudoh, Dynoman, Menimal, Natasha Ejaz, Roxymore, Ramsha Shakeel, Tollcrane, Taprikk Sweezee and the Teichmann brothers.

The Music

The music started with a touch of metal combined where Ramsha took the lead on guitars where she started playing it with a bow – yes you read that right, she was playing her electric guitar with a Cello’s Bow. Not something that you see everyday in Pakistan.

As the night progressed, other musicians jumped in who added an electronic touch to the music and ultimately started adding beats to it. Natasha’s vocals were definitely a pleasure to hear in all this. Next, the beat dropped and the night took a route towards rave and EDM. Trippy and mind-boggling are the words to be used here we believe.

The nature of the music was purely experimental and it was great to see musicians moving beyond a conventional stream of music.

The Crowd

So there was a mix of people at Karachi Files, the open space area at Arts Council was filled with people who at one end were enjoying music to the extent that some of them finally got up and started dancing while others were not able to completely grasp the experimental nature of the music.

All-in-all, it was definitely a good night and something that should continue. We are glad that this collaboration of two countries took place and it has brought forward a new wave of music to this country and has given us all a different route towards musical experimentation.

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