Karachi Eat Festival 2018 – Here is what you should know about it

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We Karachiites have a limited supply of entertainment in our lives, and food takes up a very large portion of that small supply – thanks to Karachi Eat Festival 2018, we are able to multiply that joy tenfold! Wondering what you should try out from these large number of stalls? Then read below!

A Couple of Precautions for Karachi Eat Festival

Before diving into what you should or should not try, here are a couple of precautions for you:

  • Parking is a mess – So try parking your car at a distance to avoid the traffic and take a careem or walk if you can.
  • Entrance is pretty shaky – On the first day there was a long cue and one small gate for entrance which made things very difficult. One female fainted in the chaos and many others backed out of it. So go in if you can withstand all the chaos.
  • Eat in a group – Each serving can allow a group of 3-4 people have a taste of the dish so try that
  • Purse Size – Everything is priced on average around Rs. 150 – Rs. 300.

Now that we have this sorted, let’s move to what to try out here!


Let’s start off with the desserts that we tasted. My personal favorite was the brownie truffle caramel from YUM by amna. A blend of salt and sweet, mixed with the flavor of chocolate brownie is what made this dessert exciting. This is what it looked like:

YUM by Amna

Are you an ice cream lover? Then the stall right new to YUM is going to be your pick for the night. Let’s cut it short and let the picture tell you what it was like:

ice cream at Karachi Eat Festival


And then there was khausey by Khao Dosa. And this place is a must must try for all khausey lovers like me.

Khausey at Karachi Eat Festival

Desi Cuisine at Karachi Eat

If you are looking to try something desi at Karachi Eat, then you need to try out Chapli Kabab:

Chapli Kabab at Karachi Eat

and if you are cheese paratha fan, then you need to try Naan Sahan asap! No they don’t serve parathas but their Chicken Cheese Naan was almost like a pizza in a naan. Sounds tempting doesn’t it? It tasted good too! Here is what it looked like:


If you are someone who likes burgers as much as I do, then you will definitely love the extremely cheesy burger collection at Meet the Cheese!

Meet the Cheese at Karachi Eat

Well, these were our top picks from the first all that we could try on the first day. If we find something exciting on the second and third day, we’ll update it here! Keep following Blog Coverage for more updates. Cheers!

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