Jazz Night at PACC by Ari Roland Jazz Quartet

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A couple of days ago, there was a performance at PACC – A Jazz performance! The event was small scale, would be roughly 100-150 people, but the music was good. The group named Ari Roland Jazz Quartet is a group of four talented people who have been playing together since a very long time in Manhattan. They came in via the US Embassy, and played a series of jazz tracks. Here is what happened that night:

We Sang Along

Yes! We sang a jazz song together. Don’t believe me? Here is a video where they made us sing:

Pakistani Covers

And they covered Pakistani music with a touch of Jazz. I’m pretty sure that Faakhir would be flattered to listen to this:

It was indeed refreshing to visit an event where foreign musicians talked proudly about how amazing the local music here is. Almost brings a tear in my eye…. :’)

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