Eid Special – An Interview with Humaira Asghar Ali

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A model, an actor, a visual artist, a sculptor and a lot more. Humaira Asghar Ali is one name in our fashion industry which has been making waves for some time now. So we decided to have a small interview session with her so that people can get to know her better. Here goes!

Faizan: How did you end up joining the fashion industry?

Humaira: I was very passionate from my childhood when anything came with the idea to express inner feeling & expression by any kind of medium of art… Modeling is an art to me and I was born a model.. My mother predicted this even when I was too young. Hehehe 😎

Faizan: High fashion and bold shoots. Have you been or want to be a part of this?

Humaira: Already have done many series of art photography shoots, thematic, creative & bold shoots even before joining the modeling industry professionally when I was studying college. I love to do experimental things.

Faizan: What is Humaira Asghar’s perspective on “Love” and settling down?

Humaira: To me, love is the 2nd name of Giving and I believe love should be pure & unconditional. From my perspective settling down doesn’t means to get married and leave your work / profession… etc. but it means to stay fully-focused to achieve your dreams honestly.

Humaira Asghar

Faizan: What inspires you to paint and sculpt?

Humaira: Nature, feelings, passion & most important the craze to create something with your own uniqueness !!

Faizan: How do you manage juggling between modelling and art?

Humaira: To me both are same like two sides cof a coin. I believe in both mediums you express your inner expression & feel no matter if you paint, sculpt, sing, dance, make movies, or do modeling. They all are different types of Art but the medium/tools to express are different!

Humaira Asghar

Faizan: One shoot which you loved the most and why?

Humaira: Had my first paid shoot almost 2 and a half years ago as I joined modeling 2 and a half year back and I feel so lucky I got the chance to work with my all time favorite fashion photographer Tapu javeri with amazing Sana Safinaz outfits. The shoot was in the pool underwater. I remember that was the toughest shoot I had ever done as winter was going on peak & water was freezing cold, open aired and I had a 102 temperature. Well, they liked my work a lot & the whole team was very satisfied with me. 💓

Humaira Asghar
Shoot with Tapu Javeri

Faizan: What keeps you up at nights?

Humaira: My goals, dreams, passion keeps me high & up at nights which is like a positive drug to me. 😇

Faizan: If not fashion, what would you want to pursue?

Humaira: Then I must have been a world-tourist & a great traveler. I love to travel & explore this amazing world. 😍

Faizan: What is next for Humaira Asghar Ali?

Humaira: I still feel I’m a beginner and learning with every passing day and its nothing what I would achieve. There is a long long way to go and so many things are coming in the next few months… You’ll get surprised 🤗🤓

Faizan: How does Humaira Asghar Ali celebrate chaand raat and Eid?

Humaira: Like everyone I also try to be with my family on these occasions like chand raat & Eid holidays. My family lives in another city so we always try to make some plans to catch up together, but this time I want to spend my Eid with special children.

Faizan: Any special Eid projects that you have worked on?

Humaira: Yeah there are some TV shows as their celebrity guest and right after Eid few exciting projects coming up!!

Faizan: With so many Pakistani movie and trailers coming up on Eid, would you want to move towards the big screen?

Humaira: Yeah of course. For that I’m planing things with best movie directors. But I believe on that if something comes up on its own then you can get best work options with self-respect which is more important to me than anything else.

Thank you Humaira Asghar for taking out the time for this amazing interview. I wish you well in your future endeavors. Our industry needs more dedicated people like you so that we can continue improving our company’s name.

Stay tuned with what’s happening with Humaira Asghar on her social media. Here are her links:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/humairaasgharali/

Facebook: web.facebook.com/HumairaAliOfficial/

Scnapchat: humairaa-a

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