Hotel Propaganda at NAPA International Theater Festival

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Goethe-Institut Pakistan had recently collaborated with NAPA to bring in Brigel Gjoka to Pakistan so that they can join hands to bring something new to the table (Stage in this case) and Hotel Propaganda was definitely something different. The play was quite thought-provoking and this is what we think about it:

The Plot

hotel propaganda 4The story revolves around the concept of news. The first thing that usually comes to mind when thinking about news is our chapter where we keep on reading and listening and watching the same things that happen over and over again. Its almost the same faces that you see every time you switch on a news channel or pick up the paper. Same people doing same things since a very long time and we as people have given in to giving it a very high level of importance over and over again. The thought-provoking play used the concept of theater and music to convey this hard-hitting message in a comical manner without many dialogues.

The Performance

First thing is first, hats-off to all the performers who were a part of this play. Stage is always difficult and to convey your message without even a lot of dialogues is a skill which very few actors are able to comprehend. It requires dedication and hard work to pull something like this off and the team for Hotel Propaganda had both. From coordinated movements to solo acts in between, all performers played a critical role in the success of the show. It also included multiple dances which were easy on the eyes and were quite entertaining.

hotel propaganda 2

The Set

So personally I loved the set and the costumes and how almost every part of the stage had some element which would keep you hooked onto it. From the dance in red light to the rain effects, the show stimulated almost all our senses to keep us looking out for more intrinsic details.

hotel propaganda 3

All-in-all it was a good watch with a decent message incorporated in it, making it a full-packed performance. What a way to spend the weekend. Thank You Goethe-Institut Pakistan for this collaboration between German and Pakistani talent and we hope that we keep on seeing more of such amazing pieces in the future.

P.S. We hope we got the plot right.

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