Habib Rehman Launches a New Single

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The Pakistani music industry has no shortage of talent, with a series of people entering our industry and adding new stars in our sky of talented artists – Habib Rehman is one of these musicians. After Guzray Pal, which had more than 721,000 views on YouTube, Habib has now come up with a new song titled “Sohniye”. Published by Elements Media, this song is the latest addition to the series of songs by Habib Rehman, though at this point he does not have an album to his name, he has done a lot of singles during his work in the music industry

Haven’t heard the song that we are talking about yet? Here it is!

This song “Sohniye” has a touch of soft music coupled with a touch of traditional Punjabi RDB, making it easy on your ears and something quite refreshing. At a time where we are bombarded with item songs over and over again, this new single is definitely a treat to hear. Elements media – the record label behind promoting this video has been associated with quite a range of musicians in the past including Sounds of Kolachi and more. The fact that they have taken Habib Rehman on board for this new single shows the potential that the industry and record labels see in this developing artist.

One good thing in addition to his music is his videos. The previous video and even this latest release by Habib is well thought-out and beautifully captured. The shots are prolific and the direction is phenomenal. It is good to see local artists creating good quality content and thus adding to the standard of image Pakistan has in front of the rest of the world.

We wish Habib Rehman good luck in his future endeavors and hope that he launches a complete album soon.

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