Grease – The Musical in Karachi

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Very often you are given a choice in time between two quite amazing things happening at the same time. At one hand we had the Pakistan Vs. India match and on the other we had Nida Butt’s Grease – The Musical’s media night at Arts Council Karachi. It was a tough choice but I ended up going to the musical instead of the match. Turns out, it was the right decision! I personally fell in love with the musical. It’s a two and a half hour show and is definitely worth the time. Its intense, and keeps you interested in it for the entire timespan.

Yes, there were a couple of sound issues during the performance, for e.g. the performer’s mics kept on going off. But at such times, even when the mic went off,  the audience went in a pin-drop silence mood and most of the people could still hear the actors. Now that is something.

I wouldn’t want to give out too much here because you need to go in and watch it yourself to see why it is an amazing experience, especially if you love performing arts.

And yes – it could potentially remind you of your college days 😛

These guys will be performing for a couple of more days here in Arts Council. Check out their event page on Facebook for timings and more.

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