FPW16 Winter Festive – Day 3 – Lights. Camera. Glamour

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The night was young, dark and filled with glamour – this was the night when we went to #FPW16’s Day 3 at Pearl Continental Karachi.

The Red Carpet

The red carpet started and models and celebrities started coming in – fashion and glamour was definitely at its pinnacle here. Lights everywhere, camera flashes, glitter and an aura of unparalleled glamour. Some key figures who came in included Danish Taimoor, Nida Yasir, Faisal Qureshi and a lot more. Oh and Sharmila Farooqi was also there too.

Two exciting things that were at FPW16 included a Gravity Booth by FM 91 and a Drama Set by Urdu 1.

The event was also sponsored by Nestle Fruita Vitals and Coca Cola. Two prominent names from the FMCG industry.

All-in-all, the red carpet did make things exciting for everyone. More than a thousand pictures would have been clicked that day and world would have known what the Pakistani Fashion industry is really about.

The Runway

The night went from great to amazing with the talent and designs that came in at the runway. A number of designers were showcasing on the third day including Saira Rizwan, Rozina Munisb, Nida Azwar, Deepak ‘n’ Fahad and Nauman Afreen. For Deepak’n’Fahad it was Faisal Qureshi who made the night amazing but the real highlight of the night came in when Mukhtaran Mai came in as a part of Rozina Munib’s walk. As soon as she entered, the crowd stood up to give her a standing ovation. It was just too amazing to describe in words.

Another amazing highlight from the FPW16’s night was when Nauman Afreen’s models entered the ramp with children. It was definitely a finale worth watching live.

Here are some shots from the night. Enjoy!!

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