Four Reasons Why Nescafe Coffee is Love

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Coffee – A single cup of this heavenly drink can turn your day upside down. It is probably one of the best hot beverages to wake up to in the morning, evening or night (depending on your time schedule :P) and for most of us, Nescafe Coffee is the way to go. Here are four reasons why I think that Nescafe Coffee is <3:

The Flavor – Stir till Perfection

One thing which I love about Nescafe Coffee is that I can enhance or reduce the intensity of caffeine according to my liking. Unlike some other brands, that have a very strong flavor, it is comparatively easy to increase or decrease the intensity. Yes I know this sounds a bit too common of a practice, but having drinking three multiple types of Coffee brands in the past one year, this is the conclusion that I have come to. Sometimes I like it dark and others I like it light and a small addition or subtraction of ingredients can make it worth the while.

Their Cups are pretty Awesome

Some time back they started this offer of free mugs with their bottles and I was lucky enough to have bought it at that time. It has been a couple of months now I believe and every day I have my coffee in the same mug.

Keeps you company in Stressful Times

Nescafe Coffee is something that at least I have grown up with. Be it exams or late night office projects, it has always been there. It is one cup of coffee which keeps you company no matter what (Emo moment. Pfftt….!)

Not so Difficult to Make

The 3-in-1 sachet is something really handy I think – it takes away all the effort that goes into stirring your coffee paste to perfection. The seemingly perfect blend of coffee, milk and sugar is something which is easy to handle and is definitely travel friendly.

So from flavor to convenience Nescafe Coffee has all grounds covered.

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