#FillThePlate – Let’s combat hunger together with Adamjee Life

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Pakistan, as a Nation, is severely affected by Hunger and Malnutrition with over 22% of the population

being undernourished (Global Hunger Index 2016) resulting in various short term and long term

complications. If not acted upon, it is expected that by 2025 more than 44% of the population would be

facing some form of physical and mental deficiencies due to lack of proper nutrition.

Even in the sacred month of Ramzan, when charitable work is rampant, millions still sleep hungry and it

becomes OUR collective responsibility to do something about it.

Adamjee Life has taken an initiative #FillThePlate this Ramazan to feed thousands across the country

and raise awareness of the long term issues we are facing as a nation from Hunger and lack of proper

nourishment leading to long term deformities being passed on from parents to children.

The tagline of the campaign is ‘Is Ramzan koi bhooka nahi soyega’ and in order to achieve that, Adamjee

Life has promised to donate one meal on every post/tweet that uses the hashtag #FillThePlate i.e.

1 tweet/post = 1 meal.

With the trend of hefty on pocket iftar deals on the rise, the least we as a nation could do is donate a

comparable amount to those in need. There are rarely any forums or groups that discuss how to pass on

to those who sleep on an empty stomach often due to lack of resources. Adamjee Life being one of the

very few who has initiated a CSR campaign in hope of eradicating hunger and malnutrition from


Wasim Akram and many other celebrities like Resham, Imran Abbas, Faysal Qureshi, Saima Azhar, Sadaf

Kanwal etc. have also joined Adamjee Life’s cause.

Wasim Akram Launch Video

Increasing poverty and hunger levels have caused a rise in malnutrition in the country. Wasim Akram Live amplifies our drive against the issue and showcases just how basic nourishment can go a long way in helping children like Kashi and assure a healthy Pakistan. Tweet/post #FillThePlate to join our cause, let’s combat hunger together!

Posted by Adamjee Life Assurance Co. Ltd on Thursday, June 8, 2017

Currently Adamjee Life’s iftar drives are happening at Edhi Centres and Saylani Welfare Trust. Adamjee

Life has also established its roadside camps and vans to distribute food to the needy on the streets.

Adamjee Life plans to continue the remarkable initiation even after Ramazan. You can also join in to

make the most of this Ramazan by tweeting and posting to help donate free meals to those in need.

Remember, every tweet & post matters!

To check out the campaign, use the hashtag #FillThePlate on Twitter and Facebook to see what Adamjee

Life is doing.

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