Where are we heading with these Facebook Groups in Pakistan?

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Food, Fashion, what’s happening in your city and a lot more. There is a Facebook group for almost everything. What started off as good initiatives by some admins have now taken a different route. Though these are still contained, you would have started noticing a shift in behavior of these groups and responses that you receive in posts. Here is a list of active groups on Facebook and what we have seen.

Halaat Updates

This Facebook group started off as an attempt to keep everyone well informed of disturbances in their surroundings so that people can be cautious and take corrective measures. People here try to be bold enough to share either their personal experiences or that of someone they know, however taking one glance on the kind of comments that such posts receive, at times you feel sorry for being a part of the community. When someone reports a case of harassment, a large portion of the audience starts blaming the woman for not being covered. When someone reports a death by accident, they start speculating on demeaning causes. When someone tries to state the wrongdoing of a political party, they often get abused in the most hideous of languages that you might have ever heard. And of course religion. Sometimes you see more religious hate being spread by some people in this group than you would usually see otherwise.

Facebook Group


This Facebook group has been known to the people in the city of Karachi as the one-stop solution for finding out the best dining experiences in city. From honest reviews to pointing out the good, the bad and the ugly of the local food industry, it has always had a nice charm to it. However, now it seems as if what is being said there is not very reliable. There is a confusion. Some people are using it at their advantage to gather discounts and free meals from restaurants while others are trying to make a buck for themselves by writing paid reviews and then sharing them in this group and others that have a similar personality. As a result, the belief the people had in the opinion of the members in this group is now starting to shake. Some people have even started questioning the authenticity of the reviews that come in. Also, what’s worse? People have started getting personal here. From criticizing for overspending to even some religious arguments in the matter, some members have started losing it.

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If you are in the field of marketing (or even not as some members aren’t), then you might have heard about this Facebook group called “Khalid Alvi Marketing Next”. A great group which tries to bring different members of the marketing community together – brands and agencies alike. Also a great place for students to gain first-hand knowledge about what’s happening in the industry. But then again, this group has also started taking a turn towards a negative angle. Now its just about brand bashing. No matter what someone does, there is always something to ridicule. Yes, constructive criticism is good but you need to understand that a lot of effort goes into creating a piece of advertising, be it aired on any media, and when you hear people talk crap about it just for the sake of it, you start questioning if they have the credentials to even state such rhetoric comments in the first place.

Facebook Group

So, to sum it up – the admins of these and other Facebook groups need to start taking measures to control the outburst otherwise they might not be able to maintain their level of authenticity.

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