Eye Makeup Trends 2017

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Talking about eye makeup, it is the trendiest way to beautify your eyes by simply applying a combination of colors from the palette of your choice. The colors must vary from each other to give the eye an interesting look. Make sure your face is cleaned and dried properly before applying any makeup. Let’s check out some of the latest eye makeup trends for 2017:


Glittery eye makeup is the top trend this year. It is mostly suitable for parties and weddings, makes your eyes look flashy and exciting. In this photo, the model has applied the basic technique by putting up three shades which includes dark brown as a base color, black to give dimensions to the eye and gold makeup glitter on the top that is giving her eyes a shimmery effect. Apply artificial lashes that look natural on your eyes for best results.

glitter eye makeup


Smokey eye has been in fashion for years and gives a dramatic look to your eyes. This style could be applied for theme based parties like a gothic theme party. The look could be created by simply merging black eye pencil going from dark to light to give that gothic effect. Don’t forget to underline the lower eye to make it more interesting and exotic.

smokey eye makeup


Neutral eye makeup is a natural eye makeup which consists of soft colors like beige, browns and peaches. Here you can see the model has applied only two shades i.e. beige as base color and grey to give little depth to the eye. The look is ideal for casual family or friends get together.

neutral eye makeup

Going Blue:

Blue eye makeup looks trendier and glamorous whenever it is applied but the irony is that it does not suit every skin tone. Only women with fair complexion and no dark circles can go for this trend. The technique is similar as the gothic one i.e. can be created by blending blue color all over the eye giving the effect from dark to light tone in a balanced way.

blue eye makeup

So now I think you guys could pick these top styles of this year and look fabulous right away in your events and occasions.

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