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Online Shopping has taken a peak in Pakistan, especially in the women’s category. From clothing to stitching, we have all types of online brands coming up in the local industry. Evlado Accessories is one of the names in this industry which is bent on bringing in the top-notch women’s fashion accessories to Pakistan. In a one-on-one discussion with Talal Hassan from Evlado Accessories, we discussed some amazing things. Here goes:
Q1. Evlado Accessories – What is the concept behind the brand?
A: Evlado Accessories, formerly Glitz Fashion Accessories was established with one belief; “Fashion and Trends are sometimes followed, but mostly they are created”. With that ideology we brought to the market of Imitation Jewellery, products comprising of Handbags, Necklaces, Bracelets, Watches, Rings and many more items to accessorize yourself. The idea is to provide both funky and formal wear to all in order to become a brand people remember for all occasions.
Q2. What range of accessories are you focusing on?
A: Currently, we have: Handbags, Necklaces, Bracelets, Sunglasses, Clutches, Ear Rings, Bangels, Hair Bands, Watches, Rings, Caps and Scarves & Stoles.
Apart from these, very soon we are also looking into the possibility and working out feasibility of providing our valued customers some Exquisite Silver Jewellery also.
Q3. Are they imported or local?
A: All items are imported. Some of the items are hand-made also.
Q4. How is the customer response?
A: By the Grace of Almighty Allah, the response has been amazing. People from all over Pakistan and some very close followers of ours from abroad have sent in queries not once but many a times and it was a pleasure working with all of them. The feedback we receive on the product delivery is our motivation to go on and get the best for our customers.
Q5. Which locations are you selling products in?
A: At the moment, we are shipping all over Pakistan. We are based in Karachi, hence it is much easier in terms of delivery time and payment mechanisms but nevertheless we are all set for catering customers outside Karachi, and even outside Pakistan as well.
Q6. Any special deals/offers that people can look forward to?
A: We leave that to our customers. This allows them to mix and match products and for us it becomes R&D. We use that data to market such offers and understanding what the market trend is leading to and what items fascinate our customers. Similarly, all our returning customers get discounts on items they purchase.
Q7. How different is your range from the rest of online accessories brands?
A: From Brand to Customer, we keep a close eye on our customer’s wishlists. Hence, that gives us the competitive edge of keeping items that are in Fashion and are Trendy. Our inventory consists of both Originals and High-copy Replicas which is another point setting us apart from our competitors. 90% of our inventory is handpicked rather than random orders being placed for them. The other 10% is totally based on Customer Buying Pattern.
Q8. How long have you been in this business?
A: We started off in 2011 with the name of Glitz Fashion Accessories and our outlet was located at Bahadurabad, Karachi. In January 2015, we moved to an outlet in Zamzama, Karachi and transformed Glitz to Evlado Fashion Accessories. Currently, we are only operating online through various social media and platforms and our website is also in the pipeline.
We wish them best of luck for their future endeavors and hope that they keep coming in with exciting fashion accessories for women in Pakistan.
To find out more about Evlado Accessories – Visit their Facebook page.
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