Essential Men’s Accessories – These Items are a Must!

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Everyone can dress up nice, but its the little things that you do which makes you stand apart. Men’s accessories can definitely give you that edge. Here are 3 main accessories that we think are most essential:


A decent pair of sunglasses can go a long way. This is one of the most essential men’s accessories that is recommended by celebrities and fashionistas alike. Find the pair that best suits your face cut. Not everyone looks good in aviators. Don’t just get a pair just because they are considered “trendy”. Find your own fit.


Your watch says a lot about you. From who you are to who you want to be, your wristwatch tells a story which words can hardly tell. Find your fit that suits your personality. Is it a chain watch or a simple black strap? Choose the style that best suits you. Ideally, keep a different batch for formal and casual wear so that you can gel in perfectly with the rest of your attire.


A man who doesn’t know how to carry a wallet doesn’t know how to keep his fortune safe. From leather to casual sets, there is a wide variety of wallets that you can choose from. You don’t necessarily need to keep something funky if you are not in that line of business. Sometimes a simple leather wallet can go a long way. Choose the one which best suits you and is also comfortable enough to carry.

These are just the basics and essentials when it comes to men’s accessories. Stay tuned on our Fashion section for more updates on men’s style, trends and more.

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